The Sterling Silver Jewellery

The Best Tips from a Silver Jewelry Manufacturer

Silver has for a long time been revered as the metal to make high-value ornaments and jewelry. It was believed that its mystic qualities associated with the power of the sea, moon and the lunar goddesses. Silver designs today can range from simple and elegant fine jewelry pieces to ones that are bold and striking. Price points for silver are cheaper compared to gold or platinum and this makes the metal more popular with the teens and young adults. It does not matter whether you are looking for an ensemble that will light up an interview or a simple night out; silver jewelry is the perfect way to bring shimmer.

It is worth noting that the silver content and quality of all silver jewelry and gift items must be accurately represented. It must be labeled clearly before you purchase the item. Good silver jewelry at this link must be 92.5% pure and this marking should be present on the item. If it is plated or even coated, it should be well labeled for you to see. The silver plating should also have sufficient thickness so that the jewelry lasts for a long time.

Since silver is affordable and fashionable, it is important that you ensure that the jewelry shines for a lifetime. You will find that most of the silver jewelry is made of pure silver alloyed with copper meaning it will tarnish if proper care is not taken. Keep silver jewelry in a cool and dry place preferably in tarnish prevention cloths or bags. The cloth will ensure that the jewelry stays in good condition because you will be preventing it from rubbing against pieces that are harder. Avoid the jewelry from getting into contact with household chemicals especially when cleaning with bleach ammonia or when swimming. The best way is to remove the jewelry before doing these activities. Check out for more details about silver.


There is phosphate-free detergent that you could use when cleaning the silver pieces. Toothpaste has also been known to be good with cleaning silver pieces although not the best because of its abrasive nature. If you need the silver piece to be looked at, you can see your local jeweler for any repair work. Do not attempt to fix anything by yourself because you will end up damaging the piece. The best way to enjoy your pieces is taking good care of them so that you wear them for longer and in their best condition, go here for more info!